Total VIM Staked
Treasury Balance
Total Value Locked
Current APY
Real Asset Backing
The sale of bonds, the minting of NFTs, and trading fees all contribute to treasury revenue and liquidity, which helps to back and regulate the token supply
Sustainable Yields
In addition to token staking rewards from the treasury,Vimverse provides numerous X-to-earn yield generation opportunities
X2E Nexus
Vimverse has positioned itself to unlock the full potential of the decentralized reserve currency protocol and foster synergies with other innovative projects
Multi-Faceted Yield Generation
Multi-Faceted Yield Generation
At a high level, Vimverse generates profits from bond sales and NFT minting/trading fees.The treasury then utilizes these profits to mint VIM tokens and distribute them to stakers.Additionally, Vimverse offers a variety of X-to-Earn opportunities,enabling users to stake their NFTs and earn rewards in other tokens,while enjoying a fun and engaging experience.
How to Participate
Unlock the full potential of decentralized reserve currency and benefit from its diverse range of x-to-earn opportunities
Rebase Mechanism
Stakers play a crucial role in the Vimverse ecosystem. By depositing their VIM into the protocol,they contribute to the long-term price stability of VIM. In return, stakers receive their pro rata share of rebases and governance rights, ensuring that they have a voice in the decision-making process.
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Protocol Managed Market Making
Vimverse enhances liquidity management with its PMMM on Uniswap V3, automatically adding liquidity via USDT bond sales. Coupled with Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), it enhances liquidity depth, improves capital efficiency, and increases trading fees.
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Experience X2E Like Never Before
Vimverse connects users to innovative GameFi projects via its launchpad, NFT marketplace, LaaS, and cross-chain token transfers. It offers a portal to diverse GameFi adventures, contributing to the ecosystem's success, within Vimverse and beyond.
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Empowering the Community
At Vimverse, our community drives everything we do. The VIM token plays a crucial role in our DAO governance, allowing holders to participate in key decision-making processes regarding ecosystem development, direction,rewards, and governance.
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Energy Crisis
Invest in prime oil fields, extract and trade oil.Form alliances, recruit members, and build your oil empire as an OpecDAO member,shaping the metaverse's global energy industry!
Woof Woof West
Get ready to witness an epic showdown in the Wild West as cats and dogs go wild, mining, kidnapping, robbing, and fighting their way to tempting prizes with high stakes on the line.
VIM Makes the World of Vimverse Go Round
As the native token of Vimverse, VIM plays a key role in ecosystem governance, allowing holders to vote on important proposals related to platform development, such as resource allocation, rewards distribution, feature releases, partnerships, and more.

Beyond governance, VIM serves as the primary token in GameFi and various innovative projects within the ecosystem. It is commonly used for minting and upgrading characters, acquiring high-value in-game items, and covering entry fees for exclusive gameplay features, enhancing the overall experience.

sVIM (Staked VIM) holders also enjoy several appealing privileges, including early access to groundbreaking projects, discounts on NFTs, token airdrops, and other exclusive benefits. These advantages help users maximize their engagement and returns within the vibrant Vimverse ecosystem.